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    • Casey Pro 3G
    • Casey Pro 3G

      Price: $2,299.95

      Casey Pro 3G, Baseball, 110V WTAT0601
      Price $2,299.95
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      Practice and Training Benefits:
      • Speed Range: 30-100 mph
      • Skill Level: Professional, Collegiate, and High School
      • Ball Types: HI.PER PRO, HI.PER X-ACT, SFT & Regulation (leather)
      • Pitches Thrown: Fastballs, Changeups, and Breaking Balls
      • Defensive Drills: Fly Balls & Pop Ups, Line Drives, Grounders & Catcher's Blocking
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    Product Description:

    ELITE OFFENSIVE TRAINING. When it comes to capability, accuracy and power, no other offensive training machine is better equipped than the Casey Pro 3G. The Casey Pro 3G will throw every type of pitch to any spot in the strike zone. Our pinpoint control system gives you the ability to quickly and easily control the pitch location by using the machine's pair of patented Micro-Adjustment knobs. The Casey Pro 3G is used every day by Major League teams and top colleges to develop elite players and build confidence in the batter's box.

    Product Features:
      • Aluminum Hub/Concave Wheels enhance grip on the ball, increasing spin rate and maximizing accuracy.
      • Proprietary AR-Motors pitch baseballs up to 100mph and shorten recovery time between pitches.
      • Patented Micro-Adjustment Knobs allow for easy transitions between pitch types and locations.
      • Built-in transport wheels and Quick Release Tripod Legs assure mobility and ease of storage.
      • High Carbon Steel Frame with Proprietary Powder Coat Finish.
      • Machine Weight: 110 lbs.
      • Limited 5 year warranty