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    • Rookie on Tripod
    • Rookie on Tripod

      Price: $1,499.95

      Rookie Baseball, 110V WTAT9098
      Price $1,499.95
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      Practice and Training Benefits:
      • Speed Range: 20-65 mph
      • Skill Level: Professional, Collegiate, and High School
      • Ball Types: HI.PER PRO, HI.PER X-ACT, SFT & Regulation (leather)
      • Pitches Thrown: Fastballs and Changeups
      • Defensive Drills: Fly Balls, Pop Ups, Line Drives, Grounders, Catcher Blocking & Pop-ups
    Product Description:

    ELITE DEFENSIVE TRAINING. The Rookie is the most capable defensive training machine and it is used by every Major League club during spring training. It has the unique ability to rotate (360* horizontally/120* vertically) while in use, allowing the user to challenge multiple fielders, playing different positions, one after another. The Rookie allows every defensive drill to be practiced at a high volume and frequency-giving players more real game repetitions in a 2-hour practice than most see in an entire preseason.

    Product Features:
      • Dual Concave Disc design produces realistic ball spin for defensive drills.
      • High Definition Ball Chute promotes maximum ball visibility for players.
      • Elevation Control handle allows for quick changes in ball flight..
      • Weight: 70 lbs
      • Warranty: 5 Years Limited