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    • Rookie on Tripod
    • Rookie on Tripod

      Price: $1,515.00

      Rookie Baseball, 110V WTAT9098
      Price $1,515.00



      Practice and Training Benefits:
      • Change pitch height from hitter to hitter with easy crank adjustment
      • Throw pitches up to 65 mph with variable speed control
      • Practice defensive and base running drills with repeatability and precision
    Product Description:

    Tired of wasting precious practice time with all those "do over's"? Then it's time to get the Rookie Training Machine on your youth league team. Here's why: Rookie puts the ball exactly where you want it every time, consistently challenging fielders with everything from catcher pop flies to line drives. No more blistered hands or sore backs from swinging bats for coaches.

    And when it comes to batting practice, your players won't have any bad pitches to worry about. All drills can be practiced in high volume and frequency - giving players more real game scenarios in a 2-hour practice than most see in an entire preseason. The Rookie is sure to be your practice squad MVP, and ATEC can provide pointers on how to get started.

    Product Features:
      • 360 left-right rotation and 120 of vertical pivot
      • Recovery Time: 8 secs
      • Machine Weight: 68 lbs.
      • Speed Range: 20-65 mph
      • 5 year limited lifetime warranty
      • Power Supply: 110V, AC, 1/4 hp, 12V rechargeable Battery operated version also available. Generator Use: 600w CD.
    Rookie Baseball