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    • Tuffy Single Tee
    • Tuffy Single Tee

      Price: $110.00

      Tuffy Single Position, Yellow PU WTAT7375
      Price $110.00


      Practice and Training Benefits:
      • Weighted base gives batters varied positions within swing range
      • Repeatability of proper hitting mechanics
      • Take the TUFFY Single Tee from home to practice, to pre-game warm up
    Product Description:

    We all know how players perform tee work: Half of the time, the tee goes farther than the ball. With Tuffy Tees, you get a 10 year limited warranty, so this tee can take a beating and you know you're covered. Players from beginner to pro rely on the ATEC TUFFY Single Tee to perfect their swings. The weighted base design provides maximum stability while allowing the batter to move the tee anywhere in their swing range. Adjustable stem and insert are designed for all heights and areas of the strike zone.

    Product Features:
      • Adjustable height stem and insert
      • High strength polyurethane construction and durable design
      • 10 year limited warranty
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