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      Price: $375.00

      Power Streak Baseball and Softball, 110V WTAT6010
      Price $375.00


      Practice and Training Benefits:
      • Speed Range: 30-60 mph
      • Skill Level: Professional, Collegiate, and High School
      • Ball Types: SFT Baseballs & SFT Softballs (12") & Mini Balls (5"). Exclusively uses SFT balls.
      • Pitches Thrown: Fastballs, Curveballs, Sliders & Changeups
      • Defensive Drills: Fly Balls, Pop Ups, Line Drives & Grounders
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    Product Description:

    TRANSORM YOUR BACKYARD TRAINING. The improved Power Streak, featuring a Mini-Ball attachment, brings pro-level training right into your backyard. The Mini-Ball attachment gives the Power Streak the ability to throw 5" mini-balls, used to strengthen hitters' hand-eye coordination; the same training MLB teams have used for years. The Power Streak will still throw SFT baseballs and softballs, making any space the perfect practice space for hitting or defensive drills. Lightweight and durable, anyone can take the machine from the backyard, out to the field, with ease.

    Product Features:
      • Includes Mini-Ball chute and retainer and baseball and softball retainers and chutes
      • Includes 3 SFT baseballs, 3 SFT softballs & 10 Mini-Balls
      • Recovery Time: 6-8 secs
      • Machine Weight: 30 lbs.
      • Speed Range: 30-60 mph
      • 1 year limited warranty
      • Power Supply: 110V, AC, 1/4 hp. Generator Use: 600w CD.