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Caddypod Machine Base


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  • The ATEC Caddypod Machine Base allows for easy mobility and is compatible with all current in-line ATEC machines. The Caddypod Machine base is designed to mimic a realistic batted ball height. Operate your ATEC machine directly on the Caddypod for defensive drills. The built in wheels give you the ability to maneuver your machine around the diamond and increase your practice efficiency by eliminating machine downtime in between drills.
    • Built in wheels allow for easy transportation and storage
    • Simulates batted ball height
    • Included with all new R-Series Baseball and Softball machines
    • Can be used with any M-Series or R-Series machine
    • Fits all in-line ATEC machines
  • Product SKU(s) WTATAMBCP
    Country of Origin USA
    Warranty 1 year (limited)
    Weight (lbs) 25