What Makes the ATEC M3X the Best Pitching Machine Available

See why the ATEC M3X is the best pitching machine available today.


Pound for pound, nothing beats the ATEC M3X pitching machine.

Fire off 90 MPH fastballs, 340-foot fly balls and ground balls with top spin all from the same compact machine – the ATEC M3X. This portable pitching machine is fully capable of throwing batting practice and performing a full range of both offensive and defensive drills, allowing baseball and fastpitch softball coaches and programs to improve practice efficiency.

The intuitive setup and easy maneuvering of the ATEC M3X allows coaches and players to get more reps in than ever before. Set the machine up at home plate to mimic a hitter and launch deep fly balls to the outfielders. Set infielders at their respective positions and let the machine spin ground balls more accurately than any coach can hit them with a fungo bat. The accuracy and efficiency of this pitching and training machine eliminates down time, meaning players get more reps and teams can maximize practice time.

For players looking to dial in on a specific pitch at the plate, the ATEC M3X offers the luxury of repetition. Rather than throwing his arm out by tossing 100 straight curveballs to a hitter, coach can set the M3X to throw that pitch over and over with ease. Hitters can replicate their approach to the same pitch over and over again, allowing them to improve on their weaknesses. The M3X can throw a fastball, curveball, slider, splitter and knuckleball, mirroring the arsenal of a top-tier rotation arm. For softball players, this machine can pitch fastballs, rise balls, curveballs and drop balls.

The ATEC M3X is the ultimate utility player. The consistency of this pitching machine isn’t limited to hitting drills but can also help players improve in the field. If a shortstop is struggling with ranging in a particular direction, the M3X can feed him the same ground ball on a loop. With this training, players can double or triple their reps to fill any holes in their game.

Practice time is limited, not only for youth players and travel ball teams, but for elite college programs and Major League Baseball clubs. Teams like Vanderbilt University baseball and University of Michigan softball rely on the ATEC M3X to improve practice productivity, and this machine can aid travel teams, training facilities and ball players of all ages.

Coaches can set up the ATEC M3X for practice by the time players have finished stretching, then easily maneuver the machine all over the diamond.

No machine on the market matches the price or functionality of the ATEC M3X. Go from unboxing to practice-ready in 10 minutes, then double your practice reps on both sides of the ball with the ATEC M3X to set your team up for success.