How to Assemble your ATEC N1 Portable Practice Net

Learn how to quickly set up your ATEC N1 Portable Practice Net.


The ATEC N1 Portable Practice Net sets up in less than two minutes, making it easy for players, coaches and teams to get their work in on the go. Bring the N1 to the practice fields and assemble it quickly for the afternoon or set up the net permanently in the backyard for everyday training. The N1 features nylon netting with a steel and fiberglass frame, an assembly that stands up to countless swings without being bulky or hard to move.

When assembling the N1, account for all frame parts – two top fiberglass poles with loop hole caps, two bottom fiberglass poles, two uprights, four legs, two side base poles and one middle base pole.

1. Connect the three base poles with the two uprights.

2. Attach the four legs to the two uprights.

3. Connect one bottom fiberglass pole to a corresponding top fiberglass pole.

4. Slide the fiberglass pole through a sleeve on one side of the net.

5. Insert the rope attachment at the top of the net through the hole at the top of the fiberglass pole, then loop the rope around the top of the pole to secure the net.


6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the opposite side of the net.

7. Insert the bottom of the fiberglass pole into the upright.

8. Repeat step 7 on the opposite side of the net.

9. Connect the clip at the base of the net to the frame.

10. Complete step 9 on the opposite side of the net.

11. Get to work.

After completing all these steps, your N1 is ready for action. Players or coaches can get right into soft toss or hitting drills off the tee. One of the biggest advantages to using the N1 is its design to eliminate ball rebound, so players spend more time swinging and less time collecting baseballs or softballs. 

The fully-assembled N1 is extremely stable in outdoor environments, and it makes for the perfect practice asset in both hitting and pitching drills. The extra-large set is 90” by 90”, providing more than 56 square feet of surface area to collect everything hit or thrown its way.

When you’re done for the day, gather all the parts to the N1 Portable Practice Net in the included premium carrying bag. Train hard any time, any place with the N1 practice Net and be ready for the game’s biggest moments.