How to Set Up the ATEC M3X

 Learn how to quickly set up your ATEC M3X Pitching and Training Machine.


The ATEC M3X features a simple and straight-forward setup right out of the box, meaning teams can take practices to the next level within minutes. Whether coaches or teams opt for the Tripod or Caddypod base for the M3X pitching machine, users will be able to complete assembly by the time players have finished stretching and warmups. 

M3X Tripod Stand

The ATEC M3X is easy to assemble and features push button spring clips to securely fasten your tripod in place. Built-in steel handles make lifting the M3X remarkably easy, and placing it on the stand is simpler than ever before. To adjust the positioning of the ATEC M3X pitching machine, release the no-hassle locking pin, then take full control of pitch elevation for batting practice, fly ball practice or infield ground ball training. 


Always keep a bucket of preferred baseballs or softballs by the M3X with the convenient bucket handle. Try not to mix old balls with new, as that can impact the consistency of the machine’s accuracy. Slide the handle into place on two of the tripod legs, then hang your bucket from the stand for easy access during practice.

M3X Caddypod Stand

The ATEC Caddypod machine base, compatible with the M3X and the full lineup of ATEC machines, features a pair of wheels for easy mobility. Mount the M3X on the receiver pin, then maneuver the M3X across the field for batting practice and ground ball drills.

The Caddypod is designed to mimic a realistic batted ball height, making it the perfect asset for infield training. The M3X is even designed to produce top-spin ground balls, something that gives it a leg up even on seasoned fungo hitters.

It takes just minutes to improve practice efficiency with the ATEC M3X training machine. Go from unboxing to practice-ready in under 10 minutes so the team can get its reps in with less downtime between drills.