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Bunting & Precision Bunting


To become a complete hitter, it’s essential for batters to know how to bunt the ball precisely when and where it’s needed. This drill allows for a high volume of pitches to be delivered in a short amount of time so batters can become comfortable with this skill and more accurate in their bunting placement.

Bunting and Precision Bunting Drill


  • Position M3X on mound (Atec Secondary Logo) and line bunters up at home (X). Place cones down each baseline (Atec Drills) as target for bunters.
  • Initiate drill by raising hand to put ball into the machine. Batter should square from hitting position into bunting position.
  • Have players practice both sacrifice bunts and bunting for a hit to both the right and left sides, rotating after each bunt in order to get a high number of repetitions in the drill.
  • Instruct bunters to get wide with their feet, with their chest over the front leg, allowing them to get low on the ball.
  • Adjust pitch placement and velocity as batters become comfortable with the drill.