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Catcher: Framing & Receiving


This drill delivers maximum efficiency while saviing your catcher’ s arm for game days.

Catcher: Framing & Receiving Drill


  • Position the R2 machine (Atec Secondary Logo) 15 feet in front of home plate; adjust the machine to deliver into the strike zone. Position catcher (C) in a squat behind home plate.
  • Begin at catchable speed, using ATEC Hi.Per Lite balls to establish confidence as these are harder to catch and force player to make solid effort.
  • Begin with balls down the middle and gradually pivot the R2 to work both sides of the plate.
  • Once the catcher has gone through a number of reps with the Hi Per Lite balls, switch to real baseballs. Repeat steps of starting in the middle before moving to different sides of the plate.
  • Make sure catcher frames pitches and works on receiving the ball into the strike zone with a direct and stiffening action. Continue to increase or decrease speed of pitch as skill level progresses.