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High Speed Training Drill


Since the eyes and hands are taught to work together, the more pitches we see at high speeds, the more the eyes become accustomed to that level of play. Not only do the eyes get stronger, but the muscles in the forearm, core and legs become stronger the more you force them to perform at a higher level.

High Speed Training Drill


  • Set up an M3X machine on the mound (Atec Secondary Logo), with speed up to 5 mph faster than what is typically seen in a game. Position batter at home plate (X).
  • Initiate drill by raising hand to put ball into the machine. Batter should be in hitting position.
  • Have players take five swings in a round. Don’t get discouraged if you miss. Every focused look you get, the better you become.
  • The goal is for the hitter to make consistent contact.