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Infield Fly Balls


Just like ground balls, infield pop flies need to be practiced repeatedly to ensure out are made when it counts. The problem with hitting pop flies with a fungo is lack of accuracy and consistency. The ATEC R2 delivers a full range of fly balls quickly with remarkable accuracy and effienciency, speeding up the amount of time needed for this drill.

Infield Fly Balls Drill


  • Set the ATEC R2 machine (Atec Secondary Logo) behind home plate with infielders positioned in their normal positions.
  • Using real baseballs, adjust R2 to deliver a variety of infield fly balls. Elevation and speed adjustments can be made to alter the difficulty from a “can of corn” to a "texas leaguer."
  • Strategically pick the location of fly balls, working the line, gaps and foul ball territory.
  • Add in outfielders to create infield/outfield communication and ball priority - I got it - Drill.