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Certified Pre-Owned M3 Baseball Pitching Machine


  • All ATEC Certified Pre-Owned machines have received a full inspection and testing, but may show some light cosmetic blemishes. These machines have been lightly used, or used for display models. All Certified Pre-Owned machines come with ATEC’s 5-year limited warranty. 
    The M3 Offensive Pitching Machine is built to train professional level ball players. Its industry leading 3-wheel design allows for hitters to have complete visibility of the ball throughout the entire pitch cycle, which improves their timing and increases their pitch recognition. By utilizing three wheels; top speed, accuracy, and spin are maximized due to the ball’s increased surface contact with the wheels. The M3 is equipped to throw 105mph giving you the ability to train against Major League level fastballs and both right and left handed breaking balls. Using only the speed control knobs, pitches can easily be dialed-in without making any physical adjustments to the machine, helping you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of you batting practice. The M3 is the Official Machine of Major League Baseball.
    • Compatible with regulation leather baseballs and dimple and foam machine baseballs
    • High definition ball chute with an uninterrupted view of the ball for a Live-Arm sense of timing
    • Speed control dials to quickly change between fastballs and breaking balls 
    • Concave wheel treads increase ball grip and maximize pitch accuracy
    • Dual durometer wheel hubs increase maximum pitch speed and minimize recovery time
    • Durable steel frame and wide base tripod absorb machine recoil for maximum accuracy
    • ABS wheel guards help protect the operator and the machine wheels
  • Product SKU(s) WTASMM3BT
    Compatible Ball Size Baseball
    Compatible Ball Types Leather, Dimple and Foam
    Class Offense
    Pitches Thrown Fastball, Curveball, Slider, Splitter & Knuckleball
    Product Class M-Series - Offensive Training Machine
    Speed Range 30 - 105 MPH
    Training Level Professional
    Country of Origin USA
    Warranty 5 years (limited)
    Weight (lbs) 130

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The ATEC M3 is equipped to throw up to 105mph giving you the ability to train against Major League level fastballs and both right and left handed breaking balls.

Speed Range | M3 Baseball Machine | ATEC


The Quick-Pitch-Select control knobs allow for quick changes between pitches and speeds which improves the efficienty and effectiveness of your batting practice.


Machines account of 70% of consistent and accurate ball flight, and the balls account for the remaining 30%. The ATEC Hi. Per(R) ball line is built with proprierty aerodynamic designs that maximize your training machine's accuracy to help achieve the most consistent ball flight every time.

Compatible Ball Types | M1 Baseball Machine | ATEC

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